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Reading and writing code is hard! Figstack helps you interpret the details so you can focus on building what matters

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Figstack is

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Powered by AI and trained with billions of lines of code, Figstack supercharges your ability to read and write code across languages.

Understand code in any language

Having trouble understanding the program that you're looking at? Use the Explain Code function to explain it to you in natural language.

“What I really need is something that explains other devs' code. I just tried some of my functions in the Explain Code tool and was blown away. Bravo.”

Deej Tulleken, Software Engineer

Translate programming languages

Need to convert Python to Go or Ruby to Javascript? The Language Translator function lets you reliably swap from one language to another.

“Over the last decade when I've been dabbling in learning languages trying to understand the logic. This is exactly the sort of tool to take that specific challenge away.”

Bertie IP, Product Manager

Automate documentation for your functions

Don't like writing documentation for your functions? Have Figstack's Docstring Writer craft detailed docstrings so your functions are always readable and maintable.

“The docstring function blew me away. It writes what the parameters are and what the function returns so I don't have to.”

Noah Chun, Student at Cornell

Get the time complexity of your program

Measure the efficiency of your code in Big O notation using the Time Complexity function and see how you can optimize your program.

“Love each of the value-props, the time complexity tracker was especially slick.”

Xitang Zhao, Founder

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